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Oh white colonialism..

And what scares me most is the people that look at this and see nothing wrong…

Imagine growing up and rarely seeing anyone that looks even vaugley like you or your people. EVER.  

Imagine when you finally do, they are almost always the most racially ambigious person you have ever seen, within the confines of the perfect weight for the category of media you are viewing. 

Take a moment to digest the depth of that. For years, you are subliminally taught that if you are not the standard white beauty you  A: Do Not Exist. B: Are not beautiful. C. Do not matter D. All of the above.

Imagine what that does to you in life…For life. And how hard it is to try to undo all of that, plus the damaging messages that your own family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, significant others, etc. do as they are trying to work through their own internalized hatred. Imagine the projection….The defiance  The ignorance known and unknown. Seen and unseen. 

How do you love yourself in a world that refuses lift the white veil and acknowledge your existence, beauty, and worthy beyond a convenient caricature  formulated for the white world to feel safe?

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